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State Fund updates on the status of mortgage agreements with citizens based on the results of the institution's work in January-June 2023.


In the first half of 2023, the regional offices of the State Fund concluded 222 housing purchase agreements with citizens under all programs serviced by the Fund.


In particular, 137 preferential long-term government loans were issued to young families. Local budgets provided 15 loans and the authorized capital of the State Fund provided 122 loans.


Over six months, 85 soft long-term loans were issued to other categories of the population (researchers, teachers, public sector employees, combatants, internally displaced persons, etc. At the expense of a grant from the Government of Germany - 76 (program "Housing for internally displaced persons"), at the expense of local budgets - 9.


In the first half of 2023, 17 families of ATO/JFO participants and 87 families of internally displaced persons were provided with their own housing under all programs.


The total amount of funds allocated for lending in the first half of the year amounted to UAH 371.4 million.


The programs were financed from the following sources:


- from grant funds provided by the German Government through KfW Bank (program "Housing for internally displaced persons") - 76 mortgage agreements


- from local budgets - 24 agreements,


- 122 loans from the authorized capital of the State Agency for Housing and Urban Development.


Serhii Komnatnyi, Chairman of the Board of State Fund:


For obvious reasons, there is no funding for housing programs from the state budget of Ukraine this year. However, the volume of housing needs of our citizens is growing, and this makes the State Fund work on finding alternative options for financing the mortgage programs we administer.


In particular, we expect to extend the program "Housing for IDPs", which is very much needed by citizens, for 2023 and subsequent years. The German government is ready to allocate EUR 17 million for this program this year. The State Fund as the executor ensures complete transparency of the project implementation, which was confirmed by an international audit. We are looking forward to the completion of bureaucratic procedures and the resumption of independent computerized selection of program participants.


We note the intensification of local housing programs in a number of regions.


We continue to provide loans to young people at the expense of our working capital.


We are looking for other extra-budgetary sources of funding for housing programs. We have high hopes for Ukraine's future cooperation with the Council of Europe Development Bank, a banking institution that has unique experience in financing housing projects in countries on the continent that have suffered from the disasters of war. I would like to remind you that Ukraine became a member of the above-mentioned bank, among other things, thanks to active advocacy by the State Fund.